Proposal Training

Targeted Proposal Training: Your Winning Edge!

  • Optimize Staff Resources
  • Minimize External B&P Expenditures
  • Improve Proposal Process
  • Produce Better Proposals
  • Win More Business—Cost Effectively!

We’re all trying to “do more with less.” That’s particularly challenging in the government contracting arena, where increased competition and constrained B&P budgets squeeze you at both ends—all while you’re trying to win more contracts and grow your business.

You want to produce the best proposals you can, to maximize your win rate. Yet you can’t afford a dedicated, full-time staff of proposal professionals. Or, perhaps, you have only one or two people to handle the entire proposal workload—and they have never really had a chance to develop their skills. Because of the budgetary constraints under which you operate, however, bringing in one or more consultants for every proposal isn’t realistic either. The question is this: How can you balance your budgetary constraints with your desire to improve your proposals and grow your business?

One way to improve your proposals without busting your budget is through training of your own staff. Targeted proposal training can enable you to optimize your internal staff resources, so you can minimize external B&P expenditures. It also helps you improve your proposal processes, so the bids you do produce will be more competitive. In short, training is an excellent way to optimize your resources, minimize your expenditures, and maximize your results!

For a reasonable investment, Proposal Strategy and Development Consulting offers targeted proposal training that provides broad and deep understanding of the elements of successful proposal development, along with practical skills in the “nitty-gritty” aspects of that process. Our extensive proposal training curriculum includes the following topics:

  • Managing the Proposal Team and Process
  • Key Elements of Proposal Development
  • Creating a Feasible Proposal Schedule (a.k.a. “Avoid the Rush”)
  • Building in Compliance From the Start—The Proposal Outline
  • Getting Things Off on the Right Foot: Effective Kickoff Meetings
  • Keeping Things on Track: Effective Standup Meetings
  • Using Storyboards and Mockups Effectively
  • Developing a Concise, Yet Persuasive Executive Summary
  • Solution Development
  • Identifying, Refining, and Incorporating Win Themes and Discriminators
  • Optimizing the RFP Question Process
  • Using Color Team Reviews
  • Impactful Proposal Graphics
  • Proposal Production

Each topic is covered in a separate training module, so the training can be customized and tailored to fit your precise needs. Other modules not listed here can be added upon request. All modules also can be easily calibrated to the participants’ level of skill/experience. For more-experienced personnel, the focus is on skill-building; for less-experienced, the focus is on developing solid understanding of the fundamentals of proposal development.

Training is provided onsite, so you can easily have multiple personnel attend each session. This approach also avoids excess overhead associated with outside site rental fees, so we can offer you a very reasonable, fixed price rather than charging per attendee.

Contact us for more information or to set up an appointment to discuss your proposal training needs.

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