“David has helped keep everyone sane and calm, on track to delivering on time. He is responsive, has good ideas, and answers questions patiently. I appreciate him being here and helping with this proposal.”

—Beth Strum, CP APMP
Director of Business Development, IT WORKS
October 2017

“David recently helped us manage one of our largest proposals to date and turn what could have been a very difficult project into one of our best proposals yet. His deep understanding of the proposal management process, attention to detail, and strong leadership was a welcomed addition during all stages of the proposal. David seamlessly integrated into the team and helped manage two additional subcontractors during the effort. We are looking forward to working with David on future proposals.”

—Parker Judd
Vice President for Strategic Development, GMRE Inc.
June 2017

“I had the pleasure of working on proposals with David while we both worked at MPRI. David did a great job of understanding the governments requirements and translating our solution into a terrific proposal. He often took what I had written and greatly improved it. Our team enjoyed working with him as he is a very thoughtful person and a skilled proposal manager and writer. When something needed to be done during the proposal process, David made sure it was completed and no one had to ask him he just got it done. I highly recommend David.”

—Mark Kronenberg
Customer Success Manager, Government Proposal Solutions, Inc.
November 2016

“David has a very unique ability to strategically address business objectives and solve those with a tactical plan of execution that produces great results. He is resourceful, focused, and fully embraces any new challenge or task with relentless tenacity. After working with him for years, I had the opportunity to see him speak at a conference, where he gave a uniquely actionable, focused strategy talk that engaged no less than everyone in the room in thinking of new and creative ways to think about bid/capture problems and gave us new skills to promote our work to potential donors. I’ve always found him to be consistently dedicated and thoroughgoing.”

—Peter Ngo
Communications Officer, International Relief & Development
November 2016

“David Stearman is a versatile and knowledgeable proposal manager. I had the privilege of working on his proposal team as the Technical Volume author. This was my first experience in this role, and David was a superb coach. He suggested edits that strengthened and sharpened the work of my team. I highly recommend his work.”

–Michael Byman
TASC, an Engility company
August 2015

“I have known David Stearman for over 10 years and have always been impressed with his insightful nature and dedication. Recently he supported me on a proposal as proposal manager and advisor, and not only did I have a wonderful experience, we also delivered 4 hours early and won our single award BPA. The call orders are now coming in. I am happy to recommend David to anyone!”

–Priscilla Luera
Golden Key Group
June 2015

“I worked with David off and on for 3 years during his tenure at Triple Canopy. He is technically expert in proposal processes, but also has the ability to streamline complex systems like Shipley to fit the job at hand. Working to schedules and deadlines is a forte, as is managing teams of subject matter experts and technical writers. His color-team reviews of proposals I worked on were insightful, constructive, and moved the product forward. David’s background as an editor really shines through during the review stages of proposal preparation. Overall—one smart guy.”

–Stanley Busboom
Double Aspect LLC
May 2015

“I had the pleasure of working alongside David for 3 years at Triple Canopy. As the Senior Director of Proposals, David was instrumental in successfully leading several large, multi-million dollar winning proposal efforts, on a number of competitive bids for Triple Canopy’s DOD, DOS, and DOE customers. David provided invaluable leadership for the Proposals Department, while encouraging teamwork between the BD Capture Team to assist in planning, storyboarding, and developing an effective customer-focused and forward-thinking proposal. David brought a number of innovative process changes to the Proposals Department, including the creation of an in-house Past Performance database that was critical to helping the BD/Proposals team respond to RFPs and data calls on very tight timelines. I would highly recommend David to any organization and consider him a consummate professional.”

–Cary Magnani
Triple Canopy
April 2015

“I worked with David for 3 years at MPRI, and he was the go-to guy for managing all aspects of proposal management and development. His assistance was key to several successful proposal management and development efforts. David was truly a roll-up-your- sleeves type of guy and produced quality products on time. I sought him out for my capture efforts.”

–Paul Zacharzuk
Arlington National Cemetary
April 2015

“I worked with David for 2 years at Triple Canopy. He is an excellent leader and manager in the field of proposal development. His insight and ability to get to the core of issues quickly and accurately make him a highly effective proposal director. His deep knowledge and proposal intelligence brand him as an outstanding strategist who knows how to create proposals that are responsive and clearly articulate winning solutions. He is equally skilled at leading proposal review teams and extracting consensus opinions from large or small groups of reviewers to produce concrete recommendations that consistently improve the end product. David cares about the people who work for him and always makes sure that they understand what is expected and needed from them to ensure success.”

–Matt Keller
Omniplex World Services Corporation
March 2015

“David Stearman is both creative and disciplined in his approach to proposal management, and this mature approach has yielded an outstanding win rate. A talented writer and editor, he has built on these highly-developed foundation skills and provides both leadership and support to his proposal teams. Beyond that, he has a clear-eyed vision of business realities and is an essential asset to any capture team. He understands government proposals, knows where they fit into the business development process, and has capabilities and vision that go far beyond the usual role of the proposal manager. David’s true value is most evident when he has the scope to think big and opportunity to act on his vision. I highly recommend him.”

–Jerry Bresee
Allen Corporation
February 2012

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