The Nitty Gritty

What do a proposal outline, a proposal schedule, and a proposal kickoff have in common? They’re a few of the “nitty-gritty” activities that are essential to a successful proposal–and they’re all skills that have to be learned. The question is, how do we learn them?

In most cases, learning how to outline a proposal for full compliance, develop a workable proposal schedule, or conduct an effective kickoff occurs haphazardly–primarily through ad hoc, on-the-job training. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have your proposal staff learn these and other key skills outside the pressure situation that a live proposal entails?

Fortunately, it *is* possible to learn these skills in a structured curriculum. Proposal Strategy and Development Consulting offers training in the following “nitty gritty” proposal skills, among others:

  • Outlining for Compliance
  • Building a Realistic Proposal Schedule
  • Developing and Running an Effective Proposal Kickoff
  • Making Standup Meetings Work
  • Powerful, Persuasive Proposal Writing
  • Effective Data Calls
  • Conceptualizing Impactful Proposal Graphics
  • Simple Yet Effective Tracking Mechanisms
  • Planning and Implementing Color Team Reviews

Training can be tailored to your organization’s needs. For more information, contact us.

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